Dror Paley, MD, FRCSC
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Dr. Paley and Paradigm Shift

With all the daily grind of office-life and happy hour hot spots in downtown West Palm Beach, it’s easy to forget the amazing things that are
accomplished in our city. In February, 312 Clematis Street, the same location that hosted Continuum, transformed into a new exhibit. Paradigm
Shift was not just your average art display with various mediums and artists involved. It was art with a mission and that mission was to educate
about what else Palm Beach Has to offer.

Paradigm Shift featured Dr. Dror Paley from the Paley Institute in St. Mary’s Hospital. The master in his field, Dr. Paley specializes in limb
surgeries for children. But why downtown West Palm and why art? We interviewed Dr. Paley to find out exactly why this event was so special for
everyone involved.

PBH: What do you want someone to know about the impact that your surgeries have on the world?

Dr. Paley: Lots of children are born with birth defects or are victims of trauma, infection, etc. This leads to disability that either confines the child
to a wheelchair or is treated by amputation. The surgical techniques that I have developed restore function to these children so that they don’t
need a wheelchair or an amputation. Many of these children end up with normal function and are able to do activities of daily living including
work and sports like other children. I teach other doctors around the world to do these procedures as well as doing many of these operations
myself in other countries and those children who can come to our center are treated at the Paley Institute.

PBH: How did Paradigm Shift raise awareness for the Paley Institute?

Paradigm Shift used the medium of art through illustration, sculpture and photography to connect with people of our local community and make
them aware of the activities of the Paley Foundation as well as the Paley Institute. The Paley Foundation is the non-profit arm of the Paley
Institute and funds our mission trips, brings doctors here for training and helps support living expenses for patients in need who come to the
Paley Institute.

PBH: Why is it important to you to be a part of the local community?

The Paley Institute brings millions of dollars of medical tourism to Palm Beach County. It directly or indirectly provides employment to about 200
people. It is number one in the world in its field and a source of local pride to the residents of Palm Beach County to say that we have the
number one center for limb reconstruction in the world. The residents of Palm Beach County also get to enjoy the best care available in pediatric
orthopedics and limb and joint reconstruction and preservation here at their doorsteps; care that others travel from over 75 different countries
and even US states to obtain for themselves or their children.

The Paley Foundation depends on the support of the local community to extend its reach to help children from all over the US and the world to
achieve their dream to walk and run and function normally.

PBH: What can someone in West Palm Beach do to get involved with the foundation?

The foundation is in need of donations, support for its fundraising activities, sponsorship of its mission trips, as well as volunteers to help with
these various activities. Please contact Caroline Eaton or visit their website. To learn more about the Paley Institute please visit our website www.  or our Facebook page.

Dror Paley, MD, FRCSC

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